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The trainers encouraged participants to be able to ask any questions and not to feel afraid to ask anything that might be controversial.

Participant, Government Office for the East Midlands

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About Us
The Policy Research Centre specialises in research, policy advice and training on British Muslim related issues. The centre brings together policy, academic and community expertise to inform and help shape current policy thinking. We work with civil society, Muslim communities and government, serving as a hub of communication on policy matters and to foster good community relations.

We seek to:

  • Enhance the policy responses to some of the critical issues being debated today around identity, citizenship and security.
  • Raise awareness of social policy concerns impacting upon the lives of Muslim citizens.
  • Inform communities about policy debates and the policy making process.


Our services include:

  • Publishing research, briefing and seminar papers to facilitate understanding and dialogue with think tanks, policy experts and journalists.
  • Providing training to enhance understanding of Muslim communities and to develop policy related capacity.
  • Responding to government consultations, papers and policy proposals or reforms.
  • Conducting surveys and opinion polls to monitor and comment on public opinion and Muslim opinion on pertinent issues and map Muslim policy concerns.
  • Providing resources, data and briefings to community groups.