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This course has opened new doors of opportunity for our mosque which has was extablished over thirty years ago.

Participant, mosque and Islamic centre, London

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Election 2010 - Candidate Information

… you are part of an amazing, mature and enviable democracy with an incredible history. A national story that is entwined with the histories of so many peoples.

Proud of its vibrant diversity, Britain today is home to people of many different cultures, religions, colours, ethnicities and languages. And these differences overlap and mingle as time goes on. That is certainly true of one cluster of voters: British Muslims.

This guide is available to all candidates standing in this election and has been produced by the Policy Research Centre to support your campaign team’s understanding of British Muslim voters.

It will help you consider some issues we think will be important to Muslim voters, based on research to explore this. Also, and just as important, it will help you place anxieties many others may have concerning ‘the Muslims’ within a more informed picture.

In the 2010 General Election, British Muslims will represent more than one million eligible votes. To give this some measure in terms of national averages, this equates to just over 1,500 voters per constituency across all 650 seats. Importantly for our democracy, every constituency has some Muslim votes, although the numbers vary greatly, from a handful of people at the lowest end to over 30,000 votes at the highest end.

What are they concerned about?

In order to explore issues important to Muslims the Policy Research Centre conducted focus groups in the South, Midlands and North of England.