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Smoking levels vary significantly between different ethnic groups. There has been much evidence that Muslims need to stop smoking and have higher rates of smoking compared to the national average 24% . Pakistani’s and Bangladeshi’s have the highest rates of self-reported cigarette smoking1. Bangladeshis rate in 2004 was 40% and Pakistanis 29%. Bangladeshis rate in 2004 was 40% and Pakistanis 29%.

Tobacco Usage By Gender & Ethnic Group

The 2004 Health Survey also reveals that Bangladeshis have the highest rate of chewing tobacco compared to the national average and other ethnicities. From the pie chart above it can be seen that the only three ethnic minority groups that chew tobacco are Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian. All other communities and general population do not chew any tobacco.

This chart shows the self reported use of any tobacco products, which include consuming cigarettes, cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco. This overall figure reflects the same pattern as cigarette smoking prevalence where Bangladeshi levels are 44%, Pakistanis 30% and the general population 28%.2

Although the Bangladeshi community show the highest levels of tobacco use in 2007 / 08 it can be seen that they also have the highest success rate in quitting smoking after a 4 week long period in a research taken place3. In this research the successful quitter is at the 4 week follow up if he/she reports not smoking at all since 2 weeks after the quit date. However the Pakistani communities do not as well with only the black community with lower levels of success than them.

3Department of Health (2008) Statistics on NHSstop smoking services: England, April 2007 to March 2008. The Information Centre: Leeds.

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