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This course has opened new doors of opportunity for our mosque which has was extablished over thirty years ago.

Participant, mosque and Islamic centre, London

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Public Sector Modules

Beliefs, Practices and Faith Dynamics Suicide Bombing in Battle
Schools of Thought and Intellectual Trends Muslim Youth and Identity
British Muslims and Integration Contemporary Gender Issues
Mapping Muslim Britain Islamic Heritage
Sharia and Legal Thought British Muslims and Schooling
Islamic Revivalism The Mosque (Masjid) and Imams
Extremism and Radicalisation Aspects of Muhammad's Life
Political Islam Pre-War Muslims in Britain
The Sunni-Shia Divide Family, Customs and Celebrations
Forced Marriage, Divorce and Adoption 

Voluntary Sector Modules

Charities and the Value of Social Capital Integration verses Rejection
Legal Issues for the Voluntary Sector Training the Trainer: Presenting Faith Issues
The Legal System: How Laws are Made What Do People Think of Us?
Understanding Social Policy Cultural No-Nos
Fundraising for your Organisation British History in an Hour
Understanding Local Government The Story of Muslim Britain
Contemporary Issues Facing Britain’s Muslims Pre-War Muslims in Britain
Women in Islamic Teachings Understanding the Church
Groups and Schools of Thought (Madhabs) within Islam The Deobandi-Barelvi Divide
What is the Sharia? The Shia-Sunni Divide
Understanding Hadith in Religious Thought British Muslims and the Internet
Aspects of Muhammad’s Life Muslims in Prison
Introduction to Islamic Beliefs and Practices Mapping Muslim Britain
Young, British, Muslim and Questioned Islamic Revivalism
Mosques and Modern Britain Forced Marriage, Divorce and Adoption
Understanding Jihadist Thought  

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