Housing - Home Ownership

This section looks at how Muslims compare to other faiths and no faith in Great Britain in home ownership.

Overall Muslim Picture

  Owner Occupied 719,404
  Social Rented 68,451
  Private Renting 144,706
  Living Rent Free 93,657

This picture shows that Muslims are more likely to own their own home compared to renting.

Most likely to own home

  Buddhist 35,575
  Christian 12,472,332
  Hindu 128,594
  Jewish 91,983
  Muslim 218,532
  Sikh 78,031
  Other Religions 46,561
  No Religion 2,312,447

This chart shows that Muslims are least likely to own a home. These statistics are based on both owned outright or with a mortgage.

Social Rented

  Buddhist 12,534
  Christian 34,801,197
  Hindu 15,734
  Jewish 10,928
  Muslim 116,421
  Sikh 7,616
  Other Religions 16,413
  No Religion 678,865

This chart shows how Muslims are the most likely to live in socially rented housing. This includes renting from the Council or Housing associations.

Private Renting

  Buddhist 16,084
  Christian 1,388,179
  Hindu 27,119
  Jewish 15,067
  Muslim 71,292
  Sikh 7,844
  Other Religions 15,202
  No Religion 560,682

17% of Muslims are likely to rent privately and compared to 28% who are living in social rented housing.

Living Rent Free

  Buddhist 1,808
  Christian 388,264
  Jewish 1,979
  Muslim 17,146
  Sikh 1,713
  Other Religions 1,498
  No Religion 63,558

The figure for Muslims living rent free is significantly higher, however Muslims have a younger population compared to England as a whole. 2001 statistics show that 34% of Muslims were under the age of 16 years.

52% of Muslim households were owner occupied
People in England have lived in their homes for an average of 8 years
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