Housing - Poor Housing

Poor housing is often understood as being overcrowded and living in unfit conditions. What is meant by unfit conditions has been described by the government as a “decent home as one that is wind and weather tight, warm and has modern facilities. Unfit or poor conditions are where housing is in need of substantial repairs; is structurally unsafe; is damp, cold, or infested; or is lacking in modern facilities.”1 The two tables below reflect that Muslims are the most likely to live in poor housing conditions.

  Buddhist 10.17%
  Christian 8.07%
  Hindu 4.31%
  Jewish 4.34%
  Muslim 12.42%
  Sikh 5.22%
  Other Religions 11.45%
  No Religion 8.74%
  Buddhist 1.71%
  Christian 0.36%
  Hindu 0.71%
  Jewish 0.52%
  Muslim 0.32%
  Sikh 0.55%
  Other Religions 1.33%
  No Religion 0.67%

These charts show that Muslims are most likely to lack central heating (12%) and the second most likely to lack sole access to a bathroom (1%).

17% of British Muslims had either divorced, separated or remarried
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