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Well worth attending, should be compulsory for all grades; trainers were excellent. Did not feel like I was talked to or they had their own agenda to push.

Participant, European Commission

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The Policy Research Centre embarks upon and undertakes a number of research tasks, independently and in collaboration with national and European policy research bodies. Our research areas explore some of the pertinent and critical issues of the day, and aims to benefit policy thinking through better information provision, analysis and recommendations. We work with some of the leading practitioners and experts in areas concerning Britain’s Muslims.

Research Project on Muslims in Prison

With Dr Muzammil Qureshi, University of Salford
Status: in progress

This project is looking at the Muslim presence in prisons and also, crucially, what happens to ex-offenders when they are released. The findings and recommendations will be particularly important given that Muslims now constitute over 10% of the prison population.

Research Project Mapping Muslim Health Concerns

With Professor Aziz Shaikh, University of Edinburgh
Status: in progress

This project will map the range of issues related to Muslims in the arena of health and provide recommendations addressed to Muslim communities as well as those working in health policy.

Oral History Archive

Status: in progress, due for release in 2012

This project aims to collect narratives from first generation migrants to Britain of Muslim heritage, looking at their experiences, contributions and observations of Muslim life in Britain over the last 40 years. The archives will be web-based and aimed at educational institutions, particularly helpful for young Muslims growing up today, but also a wider audience. It is hoped that this will contribute towards emphasising the Muslim presence in the narrative of Britishness, and show young Muslims that they have a deep heritage in recent British history and therefore a significant stake in this society.

Muslims in Leicester

With the Open Society Institute
Status: Released in April 2010

The Policy Research Centre conducted this piece of research for the Open Society Institute’s At Home in Europe Programme, which explores the policy concerns of Muslim citizens in eleven EU cities. The first of the 11 city reports to be released, this is the largest and most detailed survey of Muslims in the city of Leicester including 200 detailed questionnaires with Muslims and non-Muslims, 6 focus groups and 30 interviews with city stakeholders. The report examines the views of Leicester residents in areas such as citizenship, identity & belonging, policing, education, employment, health and media.
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Seen and Not Heard: Voices of Young British Muslims

Status: Released in September 2009

Seen and Not Heard: Voices of Young British Muslims, by Sughra Ahmed, brings together the views – the thoughts, aspirations, and frustrations – of young British Muslims of over 15 different ethnicities, from across England, Scotland and Wales. It enables female and male voices to express, in their own words, their outlook and how they feel they are perceived, scoping topical issues such as intergenerational challenges, identity, gender, religious teachings, mosques and the media. With nearly half of Britain’s Muslims under the age of 25, the findings contained within this research provide an insight into some of the more pertinent questions asked by policy makers, statutory services and community institutions concerning a new generation positioned to make its impact on society.
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